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Top 20 online courses that will make you more successful

Learn Programming For Free

1. Codecademy has brought about a small revolution in programming education with its innovative mix of instruction and practical application in an easy to access, easy to use single interface in the cloud.

2. RubyMonk will teach you the syntax, idioms, and even the philosophy behind effective

3. Python is an open-source, high level programming language that finds plenty of use in web applications. Python emphasizes code-readability, and is easy for beginners to approach. LearnPython offers easy-to-follow tutorials.

4. Crunchy is another resource to learn Python that goes beyond the basics taught by LearnPython. Crunchy is a downloadable application that delivers interactive Python lessons inside a browser window. The lessons cover beginner as well as advanced topics.

5. Hackety is an alternative to RubyMonk that teaches the basics of programming in an interactive graphical user interface.

6. Scratch

Drag-and-drop visual programming language and platform for learning, creating and sharing code and interactive projects.

7. The Odin Project is a project-based curriculum which means you are able to build projects for your portfolio as you work through the sections.

8. Hackety Hack aims to bring programming down to entry-level so that anyone, especially kids, can get involved. Hackety Hack is a modern programming kit, free as can be. It includes a conversational tutor that includes 7 short lessons (20 minutes apiece) for learning truly practical stuff.

9. Eloquent JavaScript is another highly recommended free book that brings a modern perspective to programming education.

10.CSS3Please offers a comprehensive tutorial on CSS3 (the most recent version of the CSS standard), although it assumes that you are already aware of the basic syntax and functions of the language.

11. Udacity offers extensive tutorials on concepts related to computer science, taught by leading professors and programmers from around the world. The courses are designed as regular classes, with lectures, tests and tutorials.

12. SQLZoo offers beginner tutorials on the language and will get you up to speed on the basics in an approachable manner.

13. Katacoda
Learn new technologies using real environments
right in your browser.


welcome to

fun and practical web development tutorials

15. Pluralsight
 Technologists need the latest skills to do their jobs effectively. And technology leaders need visibility into how their teams work to put the right people on the right projects. Pluralsight gives you both—the skills and data you need to succeed.

16. Codementor is a live coding mentorship website which pairs you with an experienced engineer in a particular language or field.

17. Scrimba
Grow your skills. Boost your career.

Our mind-blowing learning experience makes it easier than ever to grow your coding skills. So pick a course, start learning, and give your career the boost it deserves.

18. SoloLearn

Learn to code for FREE! Learning programming can be fun!

19. Cisco Networking Academy has changed the lives of over 8 million students in 180 countries by providing education, technical training, and career mentorship.

20. Remember I have shared over 19 websites where you can learn how to code for free and some are fremium.

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