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How Can I Pass My Post UTME Examination 2020/2021

How Can I Pass My Post UTME Examination 2020/2021


How can I Pass Post UTME Examination in 2020/2021: The Latest Guide

How can I pass my Post UTME Examination 2020
Latest Guide on how you can pass your post UTME examination

How Can I pass post UTME Examination in 2020/2021:

How can I pass my Post UTME Examination 2020: Post UTME examination is one of the essential examination for students that need to pick up entrance into any of the top universities in Nigeria. Truly; not every university in Nigeria conduct the examination, however practically all the federal and state universities in Nigeria Conduct it before offering admission to in the University.

It is appropriate to take note of that finishing Post UTME examination is an unquestionable requirement for picking up entrance into any university in Nigeria today.

It is thus that I really composed this far reaching article. This article will assist you with preparing for post UTME examination and pass it with an astounding score.

On the off chance that you have been browsing the internet for a guide on the best way to finish Post UTME screening or examination of any university, I order you to peruse this article carefully.


What is Post UTME and why do universities conduct the exam?

From “POST” which signifies “After”, one can say that Post UTME is an examination cconducted by JAMB UTME examination or screening.

The Examination is generally led by universities in Nigeria after JAMB UTME examination so as to concede the best out of the a huge number of students that apply for affirmation through JAMB consistently.

These days, establishments in Nigeria use post UTME examination as the key standards for admitting students.

For example, in certain colleges, on the off chance that you finish very well in JAMB examination; however neglect to pass very well in post UTME Examination, you won’t gain not admission. Regardless of whether you figured out how to be offered admission, it may not be into your choice of course.

From this table of realities, it is very evident that passing post UTME examination is fundamental to pick up induction into any Nigerian colleges


Below are tips to help you prepare and pass post UTME examination:

  1. Start reading on time;
  2. Get the recommended textbooks for post UTME examination;
  3. Create a reading timetable;
  4. Study never before;
  5. Go through past post UTME questions;
  6. Practice with online post UTME apps/software;
  7. Study and memories previous JAMB questions;
  8. Always make sure you understand any question you come across;
  9. Ask God for help;

This is just a list of the tips you need to pass 2020/2021 Post UTME screening. I Advice you to continue reading this article, as I will quickly explain all the points I raised above.

Believe it or not, if you substantially follow the tips mentioned in this article, you will pass the your post UTME examination excellently well

Note: This article is the Latest guide for every student who is expected to take post UTME examination very soon. So, it doesn’t matter whether your choice of institution is UNN, UI, UNICAL, UNIBEN, UNILAG, AAU, or even UNIABUJA. Trust me; this article contains everything you need this year


One of the mix-ups you would prefer not to make this year, is to begin perusing for post UTME screening examination when it is late. In all actuality; you won’t spread enough ground in the event that you do as such. Post UTME screening examination isn’t exceptionally simple, so don’t think it is only a trivial examination.

Actually, post UTME screening examination in certain colleges are more troublesome than JAMB examination itself. That is the reason you should begin perusing on schedule.

How to prepare for post UTME examination
How can I pass post UTME examination in 2020/2021

Quickly you are finished with your JAMB examination, begin perusing for post UTME sscreening examination. Try not to unwind till it is only one month to the examination. In the event that you do that, at that point you are putting your opportunity of accomplishment in Danger.


Getting the correct study materials is basic to pass Post UTME examination in 2020/2021. Truly, this may be troublesome yet it is essential to pass Post UTME assessments due to the vulnerability in the manner post UTME examination are directed in Nigeria.

Once in a while, schools don’t just simply pick questions from JAMB past questions. They pick question about the current affairs issues in Nigeria. In this cases, it will be hard for somebody who read just JAMB past questions to pass. Along these lines, you need to approach about the suggest course books for post UTME in your fantasy school and read them appropriately.

materials expected to get ready for post UTME examination

Doing this will go far to assist you with performing amazingly in post UTME examination. Along these lines, it option to state that getting the correct materials for post UTME examination, is critical to achievement in the examination.

To get the correct examination materials, you can ask from aspirants who have written the test before you. Peruse course readings that are suggested by the college you applied for admission.


Indeed! the following stage is to make a schedule. A schedule will assist you with concealing all you should peruse before you test. It will offer you the chance to augment your time viably, and to plan appropriately for your post UTME assessment.

As a general rule, student neglect to do this on the legitimization that they can’t carefully follow their schedule. All things considered, it is critical to realize that, you should not tail it carefully. Simply ensure you give a valiant effort to adjust to.
While creating your timetable, make sure you give more time to difficult subjects. Of course, you know those subjects that usually give you trouble. Read them more often than any other subject. This will also help you to prepare and pass 2020 Post UTME screening examination.


Students usually think that once they have written JAMB examination and passed with good grades, they have done the most important thing that is needed to gain admission in Nigeria. But this is not actually true.

Suffice to say that Post UTME examinations in some Nigerian universities, holds more water than JAMB UTME examination. Thus, it is very wrong to take Post UTME examination Trivial if you want to gain admission in 2020.

To pass Post UTME examination you have to study relentlessly and smartly too. Reading is the ultimate key to pass any examination in Nigeria and that is what you must do.

It is the only way to pass Post UTME examination. If do not read, just be prepared to fail because, there is absolutely no way to cheat in post UTME examinations


Another prerequisite tip to help you pass 2020/2021 Post UTME examinations is to study previous questions that have been asked by the university in previous years.

Some universities in Nigeria often repeat their Post UTME exam questions. An example is the University of Nigeria, Nsukka (Also called UNN). Thus, studying past Post UTME questions of the university you aspire to gain admission into, is very essential to pass post UTME examination in 2020.

Aside from the fact that Post UTME past questions are likely to appear again in 2020/2021 screening, they also inculcate in you, how the university ask her questions.

Studying past Post UTME questions is prerequisite to pass Post UTME examination and that is just the truth of the matter. This tip will help you a lot. You can get past post UTME examinations questions from either the university, or from aspirants who have written the examination before you.

Alternatively, if you want me to get the past post UTME examination of your school, kindly drop a message in the comment box or contact me from the author box below this article.


In my article on the secrets to pass JAMB examination, I made a list of some prerequisite material a student will need to pass JAMB examination. Among the list is JAMB CBT app/software.

In the same vain, one of the materials you will need to pass post UTME examination is Post UTME app/software. Well, you need not to bother yourself about how to get the app/software because, i also have an article which enumerates the best free Post UTME apps/software here.

Practicing with online Post UTME apps/software will help you to familiarize yourself with the way post UTME questions are asked. It will also help you to reduce fear and tension during your post UTME examination.


It is also good that you join extra lessons and group studying if you have enough time to do that. Anyway, I have heard students say that they don’t like study groups. Evidently, some students don’t learn through learning group. But if you can learn that way, then you shouldn’t hesitate to join one.

In conclusion, i must let you know that passing post UTME examination is not very easy. But that notwithstanding, I believe that the tips highlighted in this article will go a long way to fortify you for the impending post UTME examination. All i want you to do now, is to follow the steps above. Trust me; you will pass excellently well. Hope this article was helpful?

Meanwhile, if you have any question or contribution concerning this topic, do well to ask me using the comment section. I will be glad to hear from you!

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